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We supply and maintain portable fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems.


Fire Extinguishers are serviced and maintained in accordance with BS5306 part 3 and refilled to BS6643 Part 1.

Fire Extinguishers - Nottingham Derby & Leicester


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The range of extinguishers available include:


Water Extinguisher



Water Extinguisher

Water Extinguishers are suitable for Class A fires, solid materials such as wood, paper, straw, textiles, coal etc.


Ideal for offices, industrial units, hospitals, shops, hotels, restaurants etc.



AFFF Foam Extinguisher


AFFF Foam Extinguisher

Stored pressure AFFF extinguisher


Suited for both class A and B fire risks. Aqueous Film Forming Foam or AFFF is particularly suited to fight liquid spill fires such as petrol, diesel, solvents, grease, paints, spirits etc and works by forming a film on the liquid to extinguish the fire.


Ideal for shops, restaurants, hotels, paint shops, industrial units, offices etc.



Dry Powder Extinguisher

Dry Powder Extinguisher

Stored pressure ABC dry powder extinguisher for use on class A, B and C fire risks and electrical fires.


Suitable for risks on Class A Fires – wood, paper, straw etc.

Class B Fires, Liquid fires – petrol, diesel, solvents, grease, paints and spirits.

Class C Fires, Flammable Gases – methane, propane, Acetylene, Methane etc.

Suitable for outdoor applications where freezing may be an issue.

Suitable for fuel station forecourts, industrial premises, garages, workshops, kitchens.

CO2 Extinguisher




CO2 Extinguisher

CO2 Extinguisher – suitable for class B (flammable liquids) and electrical fires.

6Ltr Wet Chemical Extinguisher




6Ltr Wet Chemical Extinguisher

Wet Chemical Extinguisher (class F) – especially designed for use on cooking oil and deep fat fryers.


Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Each Portable Fire Extinguisher is required to have an annual basic service. All Water and AFFF Foam Extinguishers require a five year discharge test.


AFFF Foam Extinguishers now have to have their contents environmentally disposed of. The contents will be discharged into containers and the contents removed from the site, ready for disposal. (Please note that some extinguisher companies are still carrying out an AFFF Foam discharge test into your storm drains or down your toilets, this is now illegal and can result in a fine.)


Carbon Dioxide Extinguishers require a factory pressure test every ten years: we will be happy to supply a reconditioned service exchange carbon dioxide extinguisher of the same size, at this stage.


Dry Powder extinguishers require a discharge test every five years, due to the service labour time and materials required, we will provide a new replacement extinguisher with a five year guarantee, for the same price as carrying out a service discharge test, refill and re-pressurising.


Fire Suppression Systems

Central Fire Systems provide a professional service for the design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of fixed fire suppression systems. Central Fire Systems take into account the appropriate fire protection measures required, specific risks, as well as clients and insurers’ needs to select the necessary protection system. The range of possible solutions include the choice of chemical or inert extinguisher agent, pressure relief, extraction, extinguishing release control and early warning protection systems.


We also provide complete packages including emergency lighting, safety signs, fire extinguishers, fire alarms and BT Redcare monitoring.


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Fire Extinguishers - Nottingham Derby & Leicester